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Welcome to the Lateral API

The Lateral API provides you with an innovative, out-of-the-box solution that lets you add machine learning to software solutions, apps and websites.

Key functionality

Similar Content Recommendation

The recommendation API allows you to recommend similar documents to other documents or blocks of text. Relevance can be determined based on the text content of the document or optionally also based on user behaviour - hybrid recommender. More info

Tag Suggestion

The tag suggester learns to label documents with thematically relevant tags — words from a fixed, user-specified set. Therefore, when given a list of your existing tags the API can auto-tag new documents.

Clustering COMING SOON

Clustering groups your documents based on similarity so that you quickly get an overview of the main conceptual themes that your corpus contains.

Keyword Extraction COMING SOON

The keyword extractor returns a list of words whose meanings are similar to that of the input document, in descending order of relevance. The system does not need to train on labelled examples, since it uses the word vectoriser to find keywords.


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